Message from the President

Jeff Stratton, 2016 President

Jeff Stratton 2Welcome to Tennessee’s longest, continually running guild of storytellers. We are a diversified association of persons having a commonly shared interest, that of connecting with our community by sharing our experiences, through humanity’s oldest form of communication, the telling of a story.

The JSG has been storytelling nearly every Tuesday night since 1994, additionally we hold various events such as Graveyard Tales, Tellebration and we host the Swapping Grounds at the National Storytelling Festival here in Jonesborough every October.  We’ve also performed at festivals, schools, community events, churches, senior centers and hospitals.

Our performing members, apprentices and supporting members are quite proud of what we do and how we connect with our audiences through our craft. Our stories range from legends, poems, fables, Jack Tales, stories of Appalachia, personal stories, children’s stories, songs, and tall tales to western, creative, religious, inspirational, historical, humorous, family, scary and creative tales.

As many of our storytellers also perform on an individual basis outside of the guild, please refer to our list of performing members for contact information.

The JSG and I invite you to treat yourself to the oldest form of human interaction, come join us and make it a part of your storytelling journey too.

—- Jeff Stratton, Jonesborough Storytellers Guild, 2016 President

Leon Overbay, 2015 President, in memoriam

Leon Overbay 1-cThe Jonesborough Storytellers Guild is stepping into its 21st year, and I am excited. It seems like just yesterday when David Joe Miller addressed the group that showed up that first night proclaiming,

“I would like to form a storytellers guild.” And Bob Phillips responded, “What’s a storytellers guild?” We’ve been defining that term ever since.

A weekly venue was begun at Cornbreads, and the adventure began. In addition, with the January telling at Crumley House, we will have completed five years of monthly telling to our friends with traumatic brain injury. I reckon with special programs, we’ve performed over 1,000 times and shared over 4,000 stories. We still have some of the original cast, but the reason we’ve thrived is that each year we have been blessed with new tellers and new listeners who by their participation have added so richly to our experience.

What will the New Year bring? I can’t wait to see. Let the storytelling begin.

—- Leon Overbay, Jonesborough Storytellers Guild 2015 President