Libby Tipton

Libby Tipton is a professional sign language interpreter from Flag Pond, TN.  Having deaf parents, she was always a natural communicating other people’s stories through her hands.  However, she now tells her own stories about life in a colorful deaf Appalachian family.

Dubbed the “Mountain Terp Teller”, Libby utilizes a combination of sign, gesture, and voice to tell stories about her culture, her subculture and her roots.  She also enjoys telling folktales, fairytales, stories of healing, historical stories, and singing the old ballads.

In addition, Libby has provided sign language interpreting for deaf audiences at a number of storytelling venues and is a member of the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild.

Libby is currently the Interpreter Coordinator at East Tennessee State University where she works with students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

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Types of Stories: Jack Tales, Historical, Tall Tales, Appalachian, Family, Scary, Children’s, Original/Creative, Humorous, Personal, Inspirational/ Religious
All audiences and settings
Special Talents: American Sign Language


Bruce Montgomery

Bruce Montgomery - 1Bruce was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His education was quite varied. He attended Indiana University and The University of Minnesota, and graduated from Minnesota Bible College for undergraduate school. His Seminary and graduate training included Emmanuel Scholl of Religion, Earlham School of Religion, Christian Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Bowling Green State University where he completed his Ph.D. in Interpersonal and Public Communication. Bruce and Carol were married in 1968, and they have three children and nine grandchildren.

Bruce spent twenty-seven years in preaching ministry in Ohio, Indiana, and Texas. During those years he also used stories to teach speech classes at various colleges and universities. He loves to tell stories to make people laugh, imagine, learn, and encourage. He has been a Professor of Communications at Milligan College since 1995.

He has spoken at national and regional gatherings for Youth In Ministry and Higher Ministries. He loves telling stories: spiritual, Biblical, humorous, and personal stories that relate to his audiences.


Bruce Montgomery
K. Bruce Montgomery, M.Div., Ph.D.
Professor of Communications and Business
P.O. Box 500
Milligan College, TN 37682

Types of Stories: Historical, Family, Original/Creative, Humorous, Inspirational/ Religious
Preferred Audience: Adults, Mixed Ages
Preferred Settings: Churches, Hospitals, Festivals, Businesses, Workshops, Schools

Tama Lunceford

Having grown up in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, then spending fifteen years in the city of Detroit and finally settling in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee, has nurtured in Tama the ability to see life from a variety of perspectives.  Through her vivid imagination, expressive manner and colorful use of language she touches the minds and hearts of listeners through story.  

Tama’s work history has reflected variety as well.  Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Keuka College, she started in community mental health.  She then progressed into finance, first in the health care industry and now in automotive manufacturing.  Meanwhile, she and her husband raised two sons and now enjoy three grandsons.  With the empty nest upon her, Tama has embarked upon the journey to earn a Master’s Degree in Communication – Storytelling at East Tennessee University.

The theme of variety pervades storytelling for Tama as well.    She tells all kinds of stories from folktales, to Jack tales, personal stories, historical stories and a collection of original stories she calls stories that simply need to be told.  This later group is focused on raising awareness of social and societal issues.  Additionally, she has garnered an assortment of tall tales she calls Tom Tales, all based on stories she heard from her father, Tom.  Tama shares the story journey in a multitude of venues including retirement homes, rehabilitation facilities, Tellebration, Swapping Grounds at the National Storytelling Festival, various local festivals, schools and churches.  


Types of stories: Folk tales, personal stories, fairy tales, Jack tales
Preferred settings: Any
Preferred audience: All

Judy Donley

With a twinkle in her eye, Judy Donley describes her stories as “practically true…at least in my mind!”

She grew up in a large family of 12 children in Massachusetts who, with encouragement from their father, would share stories at the dinner table. “What did you learn today?” or “What did you do today that was interesting?” were common questions from Dad. The answers were sometimes funny, sometimes informative, and sometimes even scary. But it was part of theirof life…a way of communicating in those formative years. Looking back, she is thankful for her fascinating and close family and also for the many friends who have enriched her life by instilling in her a love of telling stories.

Her life has literally been full of adventures that she is looking forward to telling from the stage…such as joining the U.S. Air Force, marrying her husband, Jeff, who later joined the Navy as an intelligence officer (aka a spy), and their many escapades. She has lived in many states including New York, Maine, Maryland, and Alaska, and also Scotland and Guam. She and Jeff have always enjoyed traveling, which took her to many other states and countries.

But no matter where she has lived or traveled, she found that every place has its own beauty and magic. Every place offers adventures – all you have to do is reach out and experience it…and she did. She has flown airplanes, rode on motorcycles, gone scuba diving and sailing, worked at several airports and for a couple of airlines, and even built a robot.

When not telling stories, Judy is immersed in art. She is an award-winning artist and enjoys painting in a variety of media such as watercolor, pastels, oil, pen & ink, and acrylics.

Types of stories: Historical, Family,Original/Creative, Humorous, Adventure, Personal, Inspirational/ Religious, Women in Aviation, Military
Preferred Audience: Adults, Mixed Ages
Preferred Settings: Churches, Festivals, Civic Organizations, Businesses, Workshops, Schools