In the summer of 1994 David Joe Miller of Jonesborough Tennessee, placed a small notice in the newspaper inviting local storytellers to form a professional guild. Six tellers responded. Besides David Joe Miller, the founding members of the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild were:

  • Linda Poland (Telford, TN)
  • Bob Phillips (Jonesborough, TN)
  • G. Lee Hearl (Abington, VA)
  • Leon Overbay (2016 Gray, TN)
  • Carol Huebner (2005)
  • Jack Huebner (2005)

Six months later the JSG began offering weekly concerts in cafes along Jonesborough’s Main Street. Since 1994 the Guild has continually given residents and visitors in Tennessee’s oldest town the opportunity each week to share humanity’s most ancient form of communication.