Amy Yeary Holmes

Amy Yeary Holmes - 1Amy Yeary Holmes began her storytelling career in the principal’s office of St. Paul High School in St. Paul, Virginia. Her knack for “telling it well” afforded her several opportunities, most notably a seminary degree. After spending 10 years in parish ministry for the United Methodist Church, Amy trained at James H. Quillen Medical Center as a resident in chaplaincy. Her reputation for collecting stories as well as spinning yarns made her a favorite among our nation’s wounded soldiers. Amy now travels the Appalachian mountains and beyond presenting workshops, filling pulpits and telling stories.

Amy specializes in spiritual stories about hope, healing and wholeness. She tells Bible stories, historical stories and personal stories sure to delight the audience with gentle laughter and sometimes a tear or two.

Amy is married to Kevin Holmes, a hospice chaplain. Together, they manage the busy social life of an eight year old, who recently wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy, arguing the finer points of inflation.

A good story offers our hearts and minds a safe place to rest from the bustling of our busy lives.  As the listener gives time and attention to the emotions presented through story and often neglected due to our busy-ness, hope, healing and resolve begin to emerge in the story, the teller and the listener.  All three connect in a most sacred way through humor, hope and humility.  What an honor to be part of that holy dance! — Amy Yeary Holmes

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