Jeff Stratton


Jeff Stratton, aka “Geoffrey with a ‘G” is from everywhere and nowhere. Growing up in Mexico, Germany and Greece, his family migrated to the US in the mid-’60’s  where he experienced huge cultural differences that to this day confound and confuse him. Nonetheless, he adapted to these strange surroundings and believes that curiosity, a roving perspective and a broad sense of the absurd make life interesting.

Jeff is a retired career Arizona police sergeant with subsequent occupational gigs as a railroader, a school teacher, in the gas and oil sector and most recently as a local chile grower in Jonesborough.  He and his wife Jolene raise rescued greyhounds and try to soak up as much of Tennessee’s traditions as possible.

Much of his storytelling material has evolved from personal observation and life’s experiences, which include stories of his rascally CuZn CLOMo, of various and sundry pitiful souls who have stumbled across his dusty and rocky path, and tales of the Southwest.  He proudly and uniquely shares the Guinness World Record with 162,000 other folks for the largest karaoke group ever recorded, at the Bristol Motor Speedway, in August 2009.  Jeff has performed at the Swappin Grounds at the International Storytelling Festival, at the Blue Plum Festival In Johnson City, Tn, and at Walter State College in Greeneville, Tn. In 2017, Jeff won 1st place in the Liar’s Contest at S. Carolina’s Hagood Mill Festival with his story about fishing for the Santa Cruz Sand Trout. His storytelling experience also includes traveling on the 2015 Kansas City Road Trip with a merry band of 7 to the National Storytelling Network, telling and catching stories along the way.

He strongly believes that ‘Truth is best told through fiction’ and welcomes every chance to prove his theory.

Types of stories: All
All settings and audiences