Jerry Muelver

MuelverBorn and raised in northern Wisconsin, the oldest of seven, Jerry grew up close to two reservations. Having a great-great-great grandmother who was Chippewa, he recalls, “Interaction with Native American populations was common, normal. We belonged, shared a common bond.” His stories, whether legend or personal, and his music, whether flute or harmonica, reflect this bond between heritage and home.

Jerry brings a wealth of experiences and skills to our guild. A Russian interpreter for the Army during the height of the Cold War, Jerry went on to attend the University of Wisconsin, earning a BA in Communication. A freelance technical writer, he’s written instruction manuals for everything from pilot instructions for the DC-10 to medical imagery to duplicate bridge. Currently he plays harmonica with Jonesborough’s new folk group Local Relish.

Jerry has performed at Johnson City Story Slams, the 2014 International Festival at Walters State Community College, in elementary school classes and monthly at the Crumley House.