Marjorie Shaefer

Marjorie Shaefer, also known as Mother Goose, followed her dream to Johnson City and enrolled in the Storytelling Program at ETSU after 40 years living in the Detroit area of Michigan.

Marjorie performs well-researched historical stories of the Oregon Trail, the Gold Rush, and Great Lakes lighthouses and shipwrecks. She also tells stories about women of the Bible. Since moving to Tennessee Marjorie has been researching and telling stories from local history. “Mary Patton, Black Powder Maker” and “Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee” are two favorites.

Marjorie Shaefer tells Mother Goose rhymes and stories, and Aesop’s Fables. She is a member of the Mother Goose Guild and is a founding fowl of the famous Gaggle of Mothers Goose. She can often be found at festivals wondering around or telling stories as a Mother Goose character with her puppet, “Canada Goose”.

Mother Goose loves sharing her stories, rhymes and fables at events for children and for families. Her special program, “Political Personages that Primed the Pump” elevates Mother Goose to stories for adult groups to enjoy.

Marjorie has led workshops and classes on the venerable art of storytelling in schools including Wayne State University in Detroit; and for church groups including the Lay Theological Academy of Grosse Pointe and the Whitaker School of Theology.

She has performed at festivals and events throughout Michigan as well as events in Oregon, Texas and New Mexico. Since moving to Tennessee, she has told at the First Bible Storytelling Festival in Gray and the Pumpkin Festival in Mountain City.

Marjorie Shaefer
Johnson City TN 37604