Vixi Jil Glenn

vixi-1My daddy’s name is Jack and my son’s name is Jack and they named me Jill- So its little wonder that I would grow up to be a storyteller.

When I first began studying Katherine Briggs, Encyclopedia of Faeries as well as Faerie tales and legends by Hans Christian Anderson, I was immediately enchanted. These books have completely shaped the type of storyteller that I have become.

I told my first story professionally when I was 17 years old and instantly I knew I was a storyteller.

I believe that as long as the stories live on, we do too.  That’s why I tell the old traditional faerie, folk and Jack tales.  Ever since I was a kid if there was a story, song, poem or joke that I loved I would have to share it.  I would listen to it over and over until I had “caught” it, until it was a part of me.  When I was 16 I started writing rhyming faerie tales.  One of my wishes is that 300 years from now mamas’ will be sharing my faerie tales with their children.

I hope that by telling stories someone will be inspired to become a teller so that they can carry on the tradition.  I know that lots of folks have never heard of a jack tale and I think it is important to keep the old stories alive.  Maybe one day I can inspire a child or children to keep up the tradition.