Previously Recorded sessions
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April 11, 2023 
Access Passcode:    zJhbMg0@ 

Feb 8, 2022
Access Passcode:    f^^1bbEt

Wallace Shealy,  Tama Lunceford,  Judy "Butterfly" Farlow,  Pam Miller

Feb 22, 2022  (video not available yet due to copyright issue)
Access Passcode:   z8LTy@@y

Judy "Butterfly" Farlow,  Evelyn Edwards, Pam Miller,  Tama Lunceford

Mar 1, 2022 
Access Passcode:  n?A96LOK

Betty Ann Polaha, Molly Catron,  Tony Marr, Linda Poland

Mar 8, 2022

Access Passcode:  pe7T&8eV

Delanna Reed,  Pam Miller, Judy “Butterfly”, Evelyn Edwards

Mar 15, 2022
Access Passcode:  02#YFV2h

Tama Lunceford,  Linda Poland, Tony Marr, Guerry McConnell

Mar 22, 2022
Access Passcode:  ?G^v8zHT

Evelyn Edwards,  Pam Miller, Betty Ann Polaha , Judy “Butterfly”

Mar 29, 2022
Access Passcode:  .e7L+i9v

Guerry McConnell,  Tony Marr, Tama Lunceford, Delanna Reed

Apr 5, 2022
Access Passcode:  3YVrn$%+

Leticia Pizzino, Pam Miller, Judy "Butterfly",Molly Catron

Apr 12, 2022   No recording

Donald Davis was in town

Apr 19, 2022
Access Passcode:  77^30XTk

Evelyn Edwards, Vianna Isbister, Tama Lunceford, Guerry McConnel, Wendy Elrod

Apr 26, 2022
Access Passcode:  cnTM=19G

Judy "Butterfly", Betty Ann Polaha, Pam Miller, Mark Mahoney