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Jonesborough Storytellers Guild

Our purpose is to preserve and perpetuate storytelling and
to promote the art and craft of storytelling.

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Sun was setting down. Those magical colours where blinding. I wanted this moment to last forever. She was smiling, but tears where coming from her eyes. I remember their salty taste. My heart was beating faster than usual. I did not know what to say. Summer was over. Our last night. We knew that we will probably never see each other again, but no one wanted to believe in that. We were happy and lost. Lost in this sunset forever.

Stories 'n More

Before COVID, storytellers performed at the International Storytelling Center 
100 W Main Street
Jonesborough, TN  37659

Currently, we host Zoom webinars
every Tuesday, 7 pm - 8:30 pm 

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2021 Executive Board

 President:  Judy "Butterfly" Farlow
 Vice President:  Betty Ann Polaha
 Treasurer:  James Jackson
 Corresponding Secretary:  Madelyn Rohrer
 Recording Secretary:  Evelyn Edwards
 Past President:  Bruce Montgomery
 Senior Advisor:  Linda Poland
 Ex-Officio Member: Pam Miller

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Pam Miller at the
Storytelling Resource Place

Leticia Pizzino
with music

4th of July parade

On stage at the Performance Theater

ETSU MA program

Stage Prop

Button received after telling a story at the Swappin' Ground

Ballad Health Tellers

Storytelling at Crumley House

Kansas City Storytelling Trip

Youngest Storyteller

Swappin' Grounds at the National Storytelling Festival