Guerry McConnell

Performing Member

GUERRY MCCONNELL, Storyteller, Humorist, Songwriter, Folk Singer, and Workshop Leader

Guerry’s musical and storytelling material includes original material based on historical events and characters, personal experiences, inspirational topics, and family stories. She also draws on humorous tales, folk tales, fairy tales, and fables. Her workshops encourage creative thinking, and guide first grade to adult participants, in learning and creating stories, writing songs, gathering oral history and family stories.

From 2002-2007, Guerry appeared with her husband, Doc McConnell, as his ‘non-registered nurse’ in Doc’s Old Medicine Show performed during the National Storytelling Festival and other venues.

Guerry moved to Jonesborough in 2020; and was admitted into the Jonesborough Storytellers Guild in June of that year. She brings over 50 years of performing and acting experience to her performances. In addition, she works with Storytown productions in Jonesborough, under the direction of Jules Corriere, an actor in the radio show, plus the annual community story play.

Guerry has available two CD recordings of stories and songs, and “Searching for the Pearls of Wisdom” album of original songs.