James (Jim) Priesmeyer

Performing Member

James T (Jim) Priesmeyer is a retired Builder. During the course of his career he built businesses and buildings. The companies/organizations he helped build include a professional theater company, a stage rigging company and a historic preservation organization. The building projects included both commercial and residential with an emphasis or historic restorations. Jim grew up in a sleepy relaxed beach town in south Florida. Delray Beach is now unrecognizable to any native. Jim also lived on Florida’s gulf coast. He spent more than half of his life in North Carolina, mostly in the rural western mountains. He strives to be a student of history and the people who make it. Jim highlights individuals who have been part of the making of history, frequently without recognizing their own contribution. Jim would rather listen than talk. As he puts it “We are all part of history, big or small. By spending my time listening I’m given an opportunity to later share an experience as an observer, hopefully in a humorous mild mannered way.” Jim has lived in East Tennessee for about ten years and feels like he has finally gotten on the right side of the mountain.